The future of In the Kan

In the Kan started out as a humble blog dedicated to providing you with unbiased, spoiler-free, film reviews. But In the Kan wasn’t destined to be shackled to its identity as a blog.

Enter –

Now with it’s own identity, in the kan’s future is becoming a reality filled with possibilities. I’m aware that this move may¬†inconvenience¬†loyal readers and subscribers but I assure you that with your continued support, In the Kan will only grow stronger.

So please, visit the new site, it retains it’s familiar design but as the weeks roll by, I’ll make sure to implement a bunch of new changes that will only make your experience more intuitive, unique, and most importantly, entertaining. In 2012, you can expect everything from podcasts to video reviews, guest writers and so much more – all made possible by moving to a new home.

As of this article, I will no longer be uploading articles here but you can expect the same high quality of work on the new format

Thanks for all your support since I started this blog earlier this year – now it’s time to embrace the future!

Warmest regards

The Pipe








Joel Kanar

P.S. To all subscribers, the new site doesn’t have a subscriber option on it so please click on the to go to the new RSS feed. Their are a bunch of options to subscribe for now but a newsletter is in the works.